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EVEREST DIGITAL MARKETING EVENT​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Highest Point In Digital Marketing​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Everest UK 2019 is Over, but you can get the recordings for a ridiculously low cost of just £37

Sadly, our videographer went AWOL, so the professional splices were never completed. For this reason, there is a 1 SECOND split in recordings, so 1 second is missed from each recording... Because of this, you can get the full recordings of each presentation (-1 second) for just £37 (Would have been £297)

Michael Kalisperas

An effusive entrepreneur, International best selling author, philanthropist, social media and marketing geek plus property investor.

Michael helps people build their brands and grow their businesses. Michael studied multimedia design at De Montford University.

After exhibiting his work in London, he was snapped up by the BBC to design for various TV shows, such as Crimewatch, History, and Teletubbies. 

​​​​​​​He now works owns his own marketing agency and property investment business. He also speaks on marketing at networking meetings across the country.

We have worked very hard to secure you amazing content from all around the world

James Neville-Taylor

James Neville-Taylor is a successful Online Entrepreneur. He has come from a dark place to an international speaker, travelling the world and earning a full time income online in under 2 years!

He has spoken in front of hundreds of people in 4 countries across 3 continents and is one of the top affiliate leaders in one of the fastest growing software company on the planet.

James is proof that anything is possible when you put your mind to it, no matter your background.

Erick Salgado

Erick Salgado began 15 years ago a project called Entrepreneurs of Good.

Over time, he started several other online projects, pioneering the creation of an advertising portal that generated organic results for customers on Google called The Best of the Neighborhood. 

This portal has become a platform for blog and website builders, called OMB100, which is setting up franchises all over Brazil.  

He now owns a high 8-figure company and is rapidly approaching the 9-figure mark.

Liam James-Kay

Liam is a successful 6-figure affiliate marketer. He discovered affiliate marketing and decided that it would be his main focus. 

In less than a month and a half, he sold over $19,000 worth of accounts, increased his monthly income by £10k+, and became the first place winner onan affiliate competition!

The first Prize of the contest was a brand new $32,000 Mercedes Benz.

Saj Hussain

Saj is a property entrepreneur and is also known as the Property Joint Venture Expert. Since 2007 he has built a multi-million pound property portfolio.


Primarily, he uses his time, his skill and experience to find great investment opportunities and partners up with cash rich investors to create a fantastic return on investment. 

The single biggest factor that has contributed to his success has been building a brand both online and off line.

Saj is very passionate about using his knowledge and experience to help others to also create wealth through property.

Alvaro Salgado

Alvaro has taken Instagram marketing to a new level with his Young Entrepreneurs brand.  He is going to show you some fast, easy, and affordable ways to market on Instagram, create a following, and build your team.  

He is also going to share information about working with a younger audience and how to get their attention and get them involved and building  with you.  

Alvaro has unique skills in video production and website design.  Watch as this "young entrepreneur" shares his talent with you.


Dan Meredith​​​​​​​

Dan Meredith is a serial entrepreneur  from Somerset who loves to help fellow entrepreneurs become more productive with their time.

He owns a premium service gym, a copywriting agency, a marketing agency and various other online businesses.

He is also a best selling author and has a huge following around the world.

Dan is an unauthordox marketer and the self proclaimed king of getting s**t done. 

Wassili Birbillis

Wassilli is a chatbot and automation master. He has owned successulg multi million-pound businesses and  has created his salary thanks to his digital investments and affiliate marketing.

Shelly Turner

Shelly's journey to becoming a digital entrepreneur started five years ago when she started her own mobile app development agency.  With almost 200 apps developed in just a few short years, she branched out into other areas of digital marketing.

She is a master of productivity, an automation queen and a diva in her own right.

Learn how she has broken the mold, stepped into her power as a transformational trainer, and built a business that allows her to travel the world, meet new people, and help others achieve success.

Billal Jamil

Billal Jamil is the CEO of Public Speaking Academy, one of the world’s leading Communication Training Consultancies and the creator of the 3M Method (Magnetic Marketing Messaging).   

The fast track 3M method guarantees you will get known, generate interest and ultimately grow your profits exponentially 
Bulletproof Marketing requires clear communication of your big WHY, your Unique Value Proposition and a clear and a stand -out powerful brand message.

Billal will unleash the keys to exponentially growing your reach, your customer base and following to record numbers.

David Walsh 

David Walsh is a YouTube Expert with over 6 years of experience creating videos that drive targeted traffic into businesses.  

He's grown his own YouTube Channel to 150,000 Subscribers, and helps his clients dramatically increase their Views and Subscribers while creating strategies to turn those views and subscribers into paying customers.

He recently developed the strategy for one of his client's videos going viral, getting over 400,000 Views in less than 2 weeks, and increasing the Channels Subscribers by 227% to over 30,000 in that time. 


Jagoda is the Ceo of a leading 3D company in the UK called 3D avenue. We are Virtual design specialists.

I work with all niches but specialise in Property and Land Developers nationwide. I help them visualise their projects at various stages of the development in 3D. From planning, through progress to marketing.

Our company covers 3D Birds Eye view plans, photo-realistic CGI, 360 CGI and Tours. Fly-through, Interactive Walk-throughs, AR&VR, Augmented Reality and more.


Learn how you can use these tools in your own business.

BBC TV reality star of the 2018 "The Apprentice" Khadija Kalifa Meet

Khadija and learn all about her journey on The Apprentice!​​​​​​​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​KHADIJA KALIFA

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